Dr. Marc Rubenstein
Dr. Marc Rubenstein


A specified directional movement by hand, carried out with purpose. It is directed to improve the biomechanics of the involved joints. The effect of the adjustment is to reduce insult to the neural and vascular components associated with the articular joints. Dr. Rubenstein uses various therapeutic modalities, but his emphasis is on the Hands on adjustment.

Corporate Chiropractic Care:

In this hectic environment we live in, where people are always running from one appointment to the next, why not let Dr. Rubenstein come to you? As a chiropractor with a portable adjusting table, Dr. Rubenstein has the ability to be mobile. Dr. Rubenstein has broadened his chiropractic services to the corporate environment. The main benefits are increased performance on the job and lack of time missed from work. Dr. Rubenstein comes to your work- no traveling before, after or during work trying to make appointments. Dr. Rubenstein generally will be available during the hours of 12:30-3:00pm Monday through Friday. In addition to the chiropractic care, consultations will be available for those who have questions, comments or concerns about chiropractic.

House Calls:

Tailored to individuals who are not physically able to come to the office, do not have transportation, or do not have supervision for small children. These visits are usually performed 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm and after 7:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Massage Therapy:

Therapeutic hands-on massage is available when recommended. Three therapists with a variety of techniques (Sports, Swedish and Pfrimmer Deep Tissue) work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in the office.

Foot Scanner:

Our office now features a digital foot scanner developed by Foot Levelers that shows the weight distribution applied on each foot, indicating imbalances and weaknesses of both feet.

Dr. Marc Rubenstein