Dr. Marc Rubenstein

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Batia Gottman
The Lauberts
E.F.M of Colmar, PA
Rick Edelman

Batia Gottman

"In an age where so many chiropractors have adopted machines to handle the delicate art and science of chiropractic, Dr. Marc Rubenstein is an old school healer ­ a hands-on, full-stop, personal practitioner. Dr. Marc is a healer who cares deeply about his patients. Not just your back or your neck ­ all of you, including your daily stresses and concerns that could be affecting your health. Dr. Marc cares about you and your life because he knows and believes that he can give you his best care when he connects personally with you. This means that he takes the time each time you visit to find out what is happening so he can make just the right therapeutic adjustments. His attention is so complete that you feel like his only patient for the time you are lucky to have his treatment. He does everything in his power to get the optimum result ­ he has many methods to bring about muscle relaxation so that you are positioned for him to deliver maximum pain relief. Dr. Marc is down to earth, and has a gift for connecting with people. He treated me at a time of great upheaval and change in my life. During the time I was his patient (Išve since moved to another state), he saw me through three household moves that did real damage to my back, hips and neck. Aside from the moves, I was experiencing some of the worst stress of my entire life. He always asked the right questions and then listened carefully to my answers. Sometimes his kind words of sympathy and encouragement were therapeutic, too. Dr. Marc always strives to make you feel comfortable by checking to see if a particular treatment hurts, feels good, and has resulted in a release. He recommended that I get a follow up MRI four years after the first test showed disc herniation and degeneration. The new MRI showed continuing disc degeneration. He took the time to go over my MRIs with me, educated me about my disc issues, and made recommendations on exercises and the best sleeping positions and pillows for my condition. During the time he treated me, Dr. Marc improved the quality of my life markedly, not only by his expert adjustments, but by simply caring about me as his patient, and eventually, a friend."