Dr. Marc Rubenstein

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Batia Gottman
The Lauberts
E.F.M of Colmar, PA
Rick Edelman

Rick Edelman

" While traveling home on Saturday March 30, 2002, I experienced severe lower back pain. I was another hour from home, when I could take the pain no longer. I saw Dr. Rubenstein's sign along Germantown Pike and decided to take a chance. The reason I say take a chance is because it was Saturday, during a holiday weekend at 10:00 am in the morning and I did not expect to find anyone in the office. I have never felt more at home in any chiropractor's office. He took me immediately in, although I was not a patient ad had no appointment, and started to treat my symptoms. Further Dr. Rubenstein did not have regular hours that day. He proceeded to take as much time as I needed to feel better. After the treatment was over, Dr. Rubenstein went another extra step and gave me his personal cell-phone number in case I needed him the next day, which was Sunday. In a busy world, like the one in which we live today, it is nice to know that you can still get quality service from a genuine, caring professional such as Dr. Rubenstein.